Keynote - Placing and Formatting a Chart’s Title and Legend

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Placing and Formatting a Chart’s Title and Legend

The chart title is where you can describe the subject of the chart. The chart legend
shows which colors used in the chart represent which data series.

You can show or hide a chart’s title or legend, change the appearance of its text,
and drag it wherever you want it to appear on the same slide. To change any chart
attribute, first select the chart.

To place and format a selected chart’s title and legend, do one of the following:
To show the title or legend, choose View > Show Inspector, and then click the Chart


inspector button. Select Show Title or Show Legend.
To give the chart a new title, select the text in the title box and type a new one.


To edit the labels in the legend, click Edit Data to open the Chart Data Editor, and then


edit the series labels in the Chart Data Editor or select the legend and edit the text
directly in the legend.
To format the text in the legend or title, see the topics listed below “


Formatting Text

Size and Appearance” on page 50.

To add additional descriptive text elements to a chart, create a free text box; see
“About Free Text Boxes and Text in Shapes” on page 61. When you’ve finished
formatting your chart, you can group the free text box with the chart, so that the
text box and chart always move together if you should decide to move the chart; see
“Grouping and Ungrouping Objects” on page 93.