Keynote - Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

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Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

For 3D charts, you can change the viewing angle and the lighting angle of the chart.

To change the viewing angle:
Select the 3D chart and drag an arrowhead in the four-way arrowhead that appears.


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To adjust 3D scene settings:


Select a 3D chart, click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Chart inspector button, and

then click Chart.


To change the chart’s viewing angle, drag an arrowhead in the blue arrow button until

you’ve situated the chart the way you want.


To change the lighting angle and intensity, select an option from the Lighting Style

pop-up menu that creates the look you want.


To change the depth of the chart elements, drag the Chart Depth slider.

Dragging to the right makes the chart elements appear to stretch out toward the viewer.
If you create a very deep chart, you may have to resize the chart to fit it on the slide.


To enhance the edges on a 3D pie chart, select Show Bevel Edges.


Chapter 9

Creating Charts from Data

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Add and format tables with as many rows and columns as

you need. Merge and split cells to create interesting layouts

for text and images.

Tables are a great way to present data or information in a way that makes them easy
to scan and compare. Tables can also be used as a framework for presenting text and
images in creative layouts. Keynote gives you the tools to design versatile tables and
create visual aids that enhance your presentation. Used in conjunction with table
builds, Keynote can help bring even numerical data to life. To learn what you can do
with table builds, see “Creating a Table Build” on page 126.

Tables in Keynote are equipped to perform mathematical calculations in conjunction
with the suite of functions and formulas built into iWork. For detailed information
about using the formulas and functions available in iWork, see the iWork Formulas
and Functions User Guide, or open formulas and functions Help by choosing
Help > “iWork Formulas and Functions Help.”

Adding a Table

When you add a new table in Keynote, it appears as a three-row by three-column table
with or without header rows and columns, depending on the theme you’re using.
Tables are designed to match the theme.

It’s easy to customize a table with as many columns and rows as you want, and to add
or remove a header column and header and footer rows before you begin entering
content into the cells.

To create a new table:


Click Table in the toolbar or choose Insert > Table.

A three-row by three-column table appears.


Adjust the number of rows and columns by specifying the number you want in the

rows and columns fields in the format bar.