Keynote - Creating Hyperlinks-Only Presentations

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Creating Hyperlinks-Only Presentations

If your slideshow will be viewed in a platform where the viewers will be controlling
its playback, you can provide some navigation controls for the viewers by creating
hyperlinks that link to particular slides, stop the slideshow, and trigger other actions.

To create a slideshow that is controlled entirely by hyperlinks, you can create a
hyperlinks-only presentation, in which the pointer appears on slides with hyperlinks.

During a hyperlinks-only presentation, the pointer appears only on slides with
hyperlinks, by default. But you can set a preference to make the pointer appear
whenever the mouse moves.

To make a hyperlinks-only presentation:


Set up your slideshow using hyperlinks to navigate to particular slides.

For more information, see “Jumping to a Particular Slide” on page 133.


In the Document pane of the Document inspector, choose “Hyperlinks only” from the

Presentation pop-up menu.

To make the pointer appear whenever the mouse moves:
Choose Keynote > Preferences, click Slideshow, and then select “Show pointer when


the mouse moves.”

To learn about creating a hyperlink that stops the slideshow, see “Creating a “Stop
Slideshow” Button Within Your Slideshow.” If you want to prevent unauthorized viewers
from stopping the slideshow, you can require a password to stop the slideshow. For
details, see “Stopping a Presentation” on page 212.