Keynote - About Adding Audio to Your Slideshow

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About Adding Audio to Your Slideshow

You can use sound in your slideshow in the following ways:


On an individual slide: The sound plays only on one slide. You can start and stop
sound playback at any time while the slide is showing. When you advance to the
next slide, the sound playback automatically stops. To learn how to place a sound
file or playlist that plays only on an individual slide, see “Adding Sound to an
Individual Slide” on page 106.


As a soundtrack for the entire slideshow: The audio starts playing when the slideshow
starts and plays through to its end, or to the end of the slideshow (depending on
which is longer). You can also choose to have the audio play through only once,
loop, or play forward and then backward. To learn how to use a sound file or playlist
as a slideshow soundtrack, see “Adding a Soundtrack to a Slideshow” on page 106.


As a voiceover narration: You can create a synchronized recording of yourself talking
about each slide. This recording will play through the entire slideshow. To learn
about creating a recorded slideshow, see “Recording a Voiceover Narration” on
page 107.