Keynote - Setting the Spacing Before or After a Paragraph

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Setting the Spacing Before or After a Paragraph

You can increase or decrease the spacing before or after paragraphs.

To adjust the amount of space before or after a paragraph:


Select the paragraphs or text box you want to change.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Text button, and then click Text.


Drag the Before Paragraph or After Paragraph sliders to achieve the look you want, or

specify a precise value (for example, 5 pt) in the adjacent fields.

If you set the the After Paragraph spacing to a different value than the Before
Paragraph spacing of the subsequent paragraph, the higher value will be used. For
example, if the first paragraph has an After Paragraph value of 12 points and the
following paragraph has a Before Paragraph value of 14 points, the spacing between
paragraphs will be 14 points.


Chapter 4

Working with Text

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Chapter 4

Working with Text


Spacing before a paragraph does not appear if the paragraph is in a text box, shape, or
table cell.

To set spacing around text in boxes, shapes, and table cells, use the Inset Margin
control, described in “Adjusting Spacing Within Text Box Borders” on page 65.