Keynote - Checking for Misspelled Words

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Checking for Misspelled Words

Keynote has a spell-checking utility that you can set to flag spelling errors as you type.
Or, if you prefer, you can check your entire document at once or check selected text at
any time.

When the spell-checker catches them, misspelled words appear with a red dashed line
below them.

Here are ways to find misspelled words:
To check spelling as you type, choose Edit > Spelling > “Check Spelling as You Type.”


To turn off spell checking as you type, click Edit > Spelling > “Check Spelling as You
Type” to deselect it (make sure the checkmark is not visible next to the command).
To check spelling from the insertion point to the end of the slideshow, click to place


the insertion point and choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling. To limit spell checking
to a specific part of the document, select the text you want to check before choosing
the command.
The first misspelled word found is highlighted. You can correct it or choose the same
command again to continue checking the document.
To go through the text more quickly, press Command-semicolon (;) to continue
checking the document.
To check spelling


and view suggestions for misspelled words, choose

Edit > Spelling > Spelling.
The Spelling window opens. To automatically accept the spelling suggestions, choose
Keynote > Preferences, click Auto-Correction, and then select “Automatically use spell
checker suggestions”.
For further details about working with the Spelling window, see “Working with Spelling
Suggestions” on page 70.

Working with Spelling Suggestions

Use the Spelling window to find alternative spellings of words in your slideshow text.

To work with spelling suggestions:


Choose Edit > Spelling > Spelling.


Chapter 4

Working with Text

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Chapter 4

Working with Text


The Spelling window opens and the first misspelled word is highlighted.
Each language has a different spelling dictionary. To make sure that the correct
language is selected, select the text you want to work with, click Inspector in the
toolbar, click the Text button, and then click More. Select a language from the
Language pop-up menu.


To replace the incorrect spelling in the text, double-click the correct word or spelling in

the list of suggested corrections.


If the correct word doesn't appear in the list of suggested corrections but you know

the correct spelling, select the misspelled word in the Spelling window, type the
correct word, and click Change (or Correct).


If the current spelling is correct and you want to leave it as it is, click Ignore or Learn.

Use Learn if the term is one you use often and you want to add the term to the
spelling dictionary.
If you used Learn and want to undo the effect of the Learn operation, do one of
the following:

If you’re using Mac OS X version 10.4, type the word into the text field below the


Guess list, and then click Forget.
If you’re using Mac OS X version 10.5, Control-click the word and choose Unlearn


Spelling from the pop-up menu.


If no alternate spellings appear in the list of suggested corrections, select the

misspelled word in the Spelling window and try a different spelling.


Click Find Next and repeat steps 2 through 5 until you find no more spelling errors.

You can also hold down the Control key and click a misspelled word. From the pop-up
menu you can choose an optional alternative spelling, click Learn, or click Ignore.