Keynote - Adding a Free Text Box

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Adding a Free Text Box

Place a free text box on any slide. Placing it on a slide master is a quick way to add
it to every slide based on that master; for example, if you want to place copyright
information at the bottom of every slide.

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To add a free text box:


Click Text Box in the toolbar and then just begin typing.

A text box appears on the slide and expands to accommodate your text, inserting line
breaks whenever it reaches the end of the slide.
If you click outside the text box before you begin typing, double-click within the text
box to replace the insertion point within it, and then begin typing.


When you’ve finished typing, click outside the text box (or press Command-Return to

stop editing and select the text box).


Drag the selection handles to resize the text box.

You can only adjust the width of the text box; its length automatically extends or
shortens to accommodate the text within it. After you’ve adjusted the width of the
text box the width remains fixed and only the length changes with the addition or
deletion of text, unless you readjust the width using the selection handles.


Drag the text box to position it where you want it on the slide canvas.


To lock the text box to the slide canvas so it doesn’t accidentally get moved as you

work, select the text box and choose Arrange > Lock.

To learn about changing the look of the text inside the box, see “Formatting Text Size
and Appearance” on page 50.

To learn about changing the spacing between the text and the inside of the text box,
see “Adjusting Spacing Within Text Box Borders” on page 65.

To learn about formatting the borders and background color of the text box, see
“Filling Objects with Colors or Images” on page 100 and “Changing the Style of
Borders” on page 96.

If you want to add a title or body text placeholder to your slide, see “Customizing an
Individual Slide’s Layout” on page 45.