Keynote - Customizing an Individual Slide’s Layout

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Customizing an Individual Slide’s Layout

You can easily add a preformatted title box, body text box, object placeholder, or slide
number to individual slides, without changing the slide’s master.

To change a slide’s layout:


Select the slide whose layout you want to change.


Choose View > Show Inspector, and then click the Slide inspector button.

background image


Click Appearance.

Choose a background
color or image.

Choose a slide layout
from among the
master slides.

Drag an image here

from the Media Browser

or the Finder.


To add a title box or other elements to the slide, use the checkboxes below the master

slide thumbnail image.


To apply a background, choose a background type from the Background

pop-up menu.
Color Fill: Makes the background a single, solid color. Click the color well and choose a
color in the Colors window.
Gradient Fill: Colors the background with a color gradient. Click each color well and
choose colors in the Colors window.
Image Fill: Uses your own image as a background. Click Choose and select an image.
Tinted Image Fill: Uses your own image with a semiopaque color tint over it. Click
Choose and select an image.
If you chose Image Fill or Tinted Image Fill, choose a scaling option from the pop-up
menu. See “Filling an Object with an Image” on page 102 for more information.

You can also modify a slide’s master slide, or even create a new one. See “Designing
Master Slides and Themes” on page 230 for more information.