Keynote - About Changing a Slide’s Theme, Master, or Layout

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About Changing a Slide’s Theme, Master, or Layout

You can change a slide’s theme, master, or layout at any time.


Theme: Choose a different theme when you want to change a slide’s overall look
and feel—for example, its background color, fonts, and “tone” (professional or fun).


Master: Choose a different master slide when you want to use a different
predefined layout. For example, you could easily change a slide from a vertical
photo layout to a horizontal photo layout by selecting a new master with the layout
you want.
You can also change the layout on a slide’s master—or add new elements to a
master, such as a logo—when you want that change to appear on all the slides that
use that master.


Layout: Customize a slide’s layout when you want to add, delete, or modify slide
elements such as text boxes and object placeholders without modifying its master
or selecting a different one.

For more details about slide themes and master slides, see “About Themes and Master
Slides” on page 13.