Keynote - Grouping Slides

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Grouping Slides

In navigator view, you can create groups of slides by indenting them as many levels
deep as you need to. Indented (subordinate) slides are called children. Indenting slides
doesn’t affect how the slideshow plays.

To see navigator view, click View in the toolbar and choose Navigator.

Here are ways to work with groups of slides in navigator view:
To indent slides, select them and press Tab or drag the slides to the right until you see


a blue triangle.
You can create more indentation levels by pressing Tab again or dragging farther to
the right. However, you can indent a slide only one level deeper than the slide above it.
To remove an indentation, select the slides and drag them to the left or press Shift-Tab.


To show or collapse (hide) a group of slides, click the disclosure triangle to the left of


the first slide above the group.
If a group of slides is collapsed so that you see only the top slide in the navigator view,
deleting the top slide deletes all its children, too. If the group isn’t collapsed, deleting
the top slide moves all its children up one level.
To move a group of slides, select the first slide in the group and drag the group to a


new location in the slide navigator.