Keynote - Adding Slide Numbers

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Adding Slide Numbers

You can add slide numbers (similar to page numbers) to individual slides, or turn
on numbering for a master slide so that each new slide based on that master
automatically gets an ascending slide number.

You can also show and hide slide numbers on all your slides at once.

Here are ways to add slide numbers:
Select a slide in the slide navigator, open the Slide inspector, click Appearance, and


then select Slide Number. The number assigned reflects the location of the slide in the
slide navigator (skipped slides aren’t numbered).
To add slide numbers to a master slide, click View in the toolbar and choose Show


Master Slides. In the master slide navigator, select the master slide you want to modify.
Open the Slide inspector, click Appearance, and then select Slide Number.

To show or hide numbers on all slides:
Choose Slide > “Show Slide Numbers on All Slides” to show all slide numbers, or “Hide


Slide Numbers on All Slides” to hide slide numbers.

After you’ve added slide numbers, drag the number wherever you like on the slide and
use the Font panel to format the number. To learn more, see “The Fonts Window” on
page 26.