Keynote - Creating a New Keynote Presentation

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Keynote Presentation

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To see a preview of what other slide layouts might look like in any particular theme,
move the pointer slowly over that theme’s thumbnail image. Sample slides featuring
charts, tables, and text scroll through the thumbnail image as you move the pointer, to
give you a better idea and help you select a theme.
Even after you’ve selected a theme and started to work, you can change your
slideshow’s theme at any time, and you can use more than one theme in a document
(see “Changing a Slide’s Theme” on page 44).


If you know the optimal size that you’ll be using during your slideshow presentation,

it’s a good idea to choose it from the Slide Size pop-up menu before you begin
creating your slideshow.
For details about selecting the best size for your slides, see “Setting the Slide Size” on
page 203. If you’re not sure, it’s OK to accept the default size for now and reset the
slide size later, if necessary; Keynote adjusts the size of all the slide content if you reset
the slide size after creating your slides.


Click Choose or double-click the thumbnail image of the theme you want.


You can set up Keynote to use the same theme whenever you create a new

document. Choose Keynote > Preferences, click General, select “Use theme,” and then
select a theme. To change the theme, click Choose.