Keynote - Previewing Master Slides

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Previewing Master Slides

As you work on a master slide, you can try out your changes on a normal slide to get
a better sense of how the new layout will look. By going back and forth between a
“test” slide and the master slide, you can make fine adjustments, such as making lines
longer or shorter or adding multiple indentation levels. Seeing a slide with text on it is
especially useful when adjusting tab stops and line spacing.

To test a master slide:


Select a slide in the slide navigator, and then click New in the toolbar or press Return.


Apply the layout of the master slide you want to test by clicking Masters in the toolbar

and then selecting the master slide.


Add text and objects to the new slide, returning to the master slide to make

adjustments as required.


If you make changes to the slide that override master slide settings (such as changing

the slide background), and you want the test slide to return to the master slide
settings, select the test slide and choose Format > “Reapply Master to Slide.”