Keynote - Using Master Slide Tools

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Using Master Slide Tools

Use the master slide navigator and the Master Slide inspector to work with master slides.

To use the master slide tools:


Open the master slide navigator by clicking View in the toolbar and choosing Show

Master Slides.


In the master slide navigator, select a master slide.

See “About Selecting Master Slides to Customize” on page 232 for more information on
selecting master slides.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Slide Inspector button.


To modify layout and background attributes, click Appearance.

See “About Customizing Master Slide Layouts” on page 233 for more information.

Create a place for tables,
charts, web views, and
imported graphics to appear.

Place title and body text

boxes on master slides.

Select to allow objects on
slides to interleave with
objects on the master.

Turn an audio, video,

or image file into a

placeholder for other

media. You can also

select text or a

shape and define a


Choose a background
color or image.


To add or modify transitions between master slides, click Transition.

See “Defining Default Transitions” on page 239 for more information.

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Click to preview
the transition.

Set how much time it
takes to complete the

Set how much time to
wait until transitions
that start automatically
begin playing.

Set the transition


Choose how to initiate

the transition.

Choose a transition.