Keynote - Defining Text Placeholders

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Defining Text Placeholders

You can add placeholders for text, and define default attributes for text in them.

To define a text placeholder:


In the Master Slide navigator, select a slide (to open the Master Slide navigator, click

View in the toolbar and choose Show Master Slides).


Open the Master Slide inspector, and then click Appearance.


To add a placeholder title text box, select Title.


To add a placeholder body text box, select Body.

To control whether text in the text box is bulleted, numbered, or plain by default, use
the Bullets pane of the Text inspector.


To add a placeholder free text box, click Text Box in the toolbar. In the Master Slide

inspector, select “Define as Text Placeholder” (or choose Format > Advanced > “Define
as Text Placeholder”).
You can also add a shape and define it as a text placeholder.


Resize and rearrange the text boxes as desired.


Select the placeholder text and format it as desired.

In a text box, you can define attributes for as many as five levels of text.