Keynote - Restoring Original Theme Attributes

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Restoring Original Theme Attributes

If you modify master slides in a document and later want to return to the original
theme defaults, you can reapply the theme to your document or to specific slides.

To restore the theme defaults:


If you want to restore defaults to only certain slides, select them in the slide navigator

(press Command to select multiple slides).


Choose File > Choose Theme.


In the Theme Chooser, select the original theme and presentation size.


Make sure “Retain changes to theme defaults” is not selected.


Choose All Slides or Selected Slides from the Apply Theme To pop-up menu.


Click Choose.

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2-axis charts, formatting 157
3D charts, adjusting scene settings 157


action builds 117, 118, 120
advanced typography features 56
aligning text horizontally 64
aligning text vertically 64
alignment guides

adding to master slides 236
creating 91
using 88, 90

animating slides. See object builds
Apple Remote 213
arranging and distributing objects 89
auto-filling table cells 165
automatic formatting for table cells 179
automating builds 124
auto-shrinking text 53
axes, formatting on charts 143



changing 46
customizing 235

backups 33
bar and column charts, formatting 154
borders (table cell). See table cells
brightness of images 79
build effect transitions 115
bullets and numbering 60


callout bubbles 86
capitalization of text 54
cells. See table cells
centering text 64
character spacing 67
chart builds 127
chart legends 142, 150

2-axis and mixed 157
3D scene settings 157

about 135
adding error bars 148
bar and column 154
changing type 140
creating new 138
editing data 140
entering data 138
formating axes 143
formatting text in 150
line 155
pie 150, 151, 153
resizing or rotating 142
scatter 156
series elements 146
showing trendlines 149

charts copied from Numbers 141
charts, defining default attributes 238
checking spelling 70
closing a document 39
color calibration 207

adjusting in images 79
changing for text 55
filling into table cells 173
filling objects with 100

Colors window 25
columns. See table columns
columns (text). See text

adding 47

conditional formatting rules for table cells

setting up 175

connection lines 94
constraining object proportions 95
contextual menus

See also shortcuts

contrast of images 79
copying and pasting object styles 103
copying objects 88
copying slides and objects 41
copying text 50
corners 84
cropping images. See masking images