Keynote - Sending Your Keynote Document Directly to Mail

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Sending Your Keynote Document Directly to Mail

If you use Mail as your regular email application, you can quickly and simply
attach a Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF version of your slideshow to an email, right from
within Keynote.

To email a document:


Open your Keynote document, choose Share > “Send via Mail,” and then choose

Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF from the submenu.
Keynote: Creates a Keynote version of your document.
PowerPoint: Creates a PowerPoint version of your document.
PDF: Creates a PDF version of your document.
A new mail message opens with the document version attached to it.


Edit the email message and click Send.

Keynote documents with password protection are sent securely. Recipients
are required to use a password to view secure documents. To learn more, see
“Password-Protecting Your Document” on page 37.

Password protection for PDF files and Microsoft PowerPoint documents isn’t supported.