Keynote - Saving a Presentation in iWork ’08 Format

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Saving a Presentation in iWork ’08 Format

If others will be opening your slideshow using an older version of Keynote, you can
export the slideshow to iWork ’08 format. New features included in Keynote ’09, such
as new transitions or build effects, might not be retained when the presentation is
exported to the previous version.

To save a presentation so that it can be opened in iWork ’08:


Open the slideshow you want to export.


Choose File > Save As.


Type a name for the file and select a location.


Select ”Save a copy as” and choose iWork ’08.

If you don’t see these options, click the disclosure triangle to the right of the
Save As field.


If you don’t want to include audio and movie files in the export, click Advanced

Options, and then deselect “Copy audio and movies into document” (this option is on
by default).


Click Save.