Keynote - Using Other Applications During a Presentation

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Using Other Applications During a Presentation

To use Exposé, Dashboard, or other applications (such as Remote Desktop)
while you’re playing a slideshow, you need to set a Keynote preference. Choose
Keynote > Preferences, click Slideshow, and select “Allow Exposé, Dashboard, and
others to use screen.” Selecting this option may cause your slideshow to run more
slowly and animations to display poorly.

Older versions of Keyspan Remote software are not configured to work with Keynote,
but you can configure Keyspan Remote yourself.

To configure Keyspan Remote to work with Keynote:


Open the KeySpanDMR application (located in the Applications folder on your hard disk).


Click Configure at the bottom of the window.


Choose KeySpanDMR > Add Application.


Locate Keynote in the Choose dialog, and then click Choose.