Keynote - Using Keynote Remote

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Using Keynote Remote

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can purchase and download the Keynote
Remote application from the App Store and use it to control your slideshow. After
you’ve purchased the Keynote Remote application, you must link it to your computer
before you can use it. To do this, your iPhone or iPod touch and computer must be on
the same Wi-Fi network.

You must open the Keynote slideshow document on your computer before you can
begin to control it using the Keynote Remote.

To link your Keynote Remote:


Open Keynote on your computer and choose Keynote > Preferences.


Click Remote in the Preferences window and select “Enable iPhone and

iPod touch Remotes.”


Click the Keynote Remote application icon on your iPhone or iPod touch.


On your iPhone or iPod touch, create a link to Keynote, following the instructions on

the device.
A passcode appears.


Chapter 11

Viewing, Printing, and Exporting Your Slideshow

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Chapter 11

Viewing, Printing, and Exporting Your Slideshow



In Keynote, click the link button next to the remote device that you want to pair with,

and type the passcode into the window that opens in Keynote.


Close Keynote preferences.