Keynote - Using an Apple Remote

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Using an Apple Remote

If your computer came equipped with an Apple Remote, you can use it to control your
slideshow. The buttons on the Apple Remote can be used to move forward or back; to
play, pause, continue, or exit the slideshow; and to control your computer’s volume.

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You must open the Keynote document on your computer before you can begin to
control it using the Apple Remote.

The following table describes how to control Keynote using the Apple Remote.

Press this button

To do this in the
Keynote window

To do this in
presentation mode

To do this in the slide


Start presentation


Jump to selected slide


Open Front Row

Pause presentation and
open slide switcher

Exit slide switcher

Press and hold Menu

Exit presentation

Exit presentation


Go back to previous
slide or build

Decrease selected slide
number by one


Advance to next slide
or build

Increase selected slide
number by one

Press and hold Forward —

Jump to first slide

Press and hold Reverse —

Jump to last slide

Plus (+)

Volume Up

Volume Up

Volume Up

Minus (–)

Volume Down

Volume Down

Volume Down