Keynote - Applying a Currency Format to Table Cells

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Applying a Currency Format to Table Cells

Use the currency format to format the display of monetary values.

To apply a currency format:


Select the cell or cells.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Table button.


In the Table inspector, click Format.


Choose Currency from the Cell Format pop-up menu.


To specify a currency symbol, choose an option from the Symbol pop-up menu.


To specify how many decimal places to display, use the Decimals field. If a value

contains more decimal places than you specify, the decimal value displayed is rounded,
not truncated. For example, if a cell is formatted to display two decimal places, the
value 3.456 is displayed as 3.46, not 3.45.


To specify how to display negative values, choose an entry from the pop-up menu

adjacent to the Decimals field.


To specify whether to use a thousands separator, select or deselect Thousands Separator.


To display the currency symbol at the edge of the cell, select Accounting Style.