Keynote - About Using Tables to Sort and Process Data

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About Using Tables to Sort and Process Data

Tables in Keynote don’t just present data, but allow you to sort and process it, as well.
For example, you can add and multiply columns of data, or apply other functions and
formulas to calculate results from numerical values in your tables. You can also sort
columns of data by ascending or descending values. And you can apply conditional
formatting rules that allow you to immediately see when cells contain the data values
you specify.

Tables in Keynote are equipped to perform mathematical calculations in conjunction
with the suite of functions and formulas built into iWork. To see a list of the functions
and formulas available in iWork, along with detailed instructions for using them,
see the iWork Formulas and Functions User Guide or help by choosing Help > “iWork
Formulas and Functions User Guide” or “iWork Formulas and Functions Help.”