Keynote - Filling Table Cells with Color or Images

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Filling Table Cells with Color or Images

You can add background images, solid color, or a color gradient to individual
table cells or to an entire table, depending on what you have selected when you add
the background.

To replace an image that’s been used as a background, or to change a color fill, repeat
these steps.

To add or change a background image or color:


Select an entire table or one or more table cells.


Click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Table inspector button to open the

Table inspector.


Click Table in the Table inspector, and then do any of the following:

To add an image, choose Image Fill from the Cell Background pop-up menu. Select


an image and then select how you would like it to be displayed.
To add background color, choose Color Fill or Gradient Fill from the Cell Background


pop-up menu and make your color selections.
To add a background image with a tinted color over the top of it, choose Tinted


Image Fill from the Cell Background pop-up menu, and then select an image
and a color.

Filling table cells with images or color works the same way as filling a shape. For
detailed instructions, see the topics below “Filling Objects with Colors or Images” on
page 100.

After you’ve placed an image in the background of a cell or table, or filled it with color,
anything you type within a cell appears over the image or color fill.