Keynote - The Warnings Window

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The Warnings Window

When you import a document into Keynote, or export a Keynote document to another
format, some elements might not transfer identically. The Warnings window lists any
problems encountered. You might get warnings in other situations, such as saving a
document in an earlier version of the application.

If problems are encountered, you’ll see a message enabling you to review the
warnings. If you choose not to review them, you can see the Warnings window at any
time by choosing View > Show Document Warnings.

If you see a warning about a missing font, you can select the warning and click
Replace Font to choose a replacement font.

You can copy warning messages and paste them into a document for reference later;
these messages could be useful for diagnosing problems.


Chapter 1

Keynote Tools and Techniques

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Learn the basics of working smart when you open,

import, edit, save, back up, and password-protect your

Keynote documents.

This chapter provides tips on how to quickly save your presentation while you work
and how to protect your documents with a password.

Keynote works seamlessly to open PowerPoint and AppleWorks presentations, making
it easy to continue work on presentations you’ve already created in other applications,
or to collaborate with others who are using other applications.

To learn about saving a Keynote document in PowerPoint or another format, see the
topics below “About Exporting a Slideshow to Other Formats” on page 217.

About Creating or Opening a Document

Each slideshow you create is an individual Keynote document. There are several ways
to begin working in a Keynote document:

Create a new Keynote document.


Import a document that was created in PowerPoint or AppleWorks.


Open an existing Keynote document.


Creating a New Keynote Presentation

To create a new Keynote presentation:


If Keynote isn’t open, open it by clicking its icon in the Dock or double-clicking its icon

in the Finder.
If Keynote is already open, choose File > “New from Theme Chooser” or press Shift-


In the Theme Chooser, select a theme.