Keynote - The Toolbar

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The Toolbar

The Keynote toolbar provides one-click access to many of the actions you’ll perform as
you work in Keynote. You can add, remove, and rearrange toolbar buttons to suit your
working style.

The default set of toolbar buttons is shown below. The Full Screen button in the upper-
right corner doesn’t appear unless you are running Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later.

Add slides.

Play slideshow.

Choose a new

view, theme, or

master slide.

Share your document with

reviewers on

Add a free text

box, shape,

table, or chart.

Mask or remove unwanted parts of a
photo. Arrange objects in front of or
behind each other on the slide.

Add a review
comment to a slide.

View and edit in

full screen.

Open the Inspector window,

Media Browser, Colors window,

and Fonts window.

To customize the toolbar:


Choose View > Customize Toolbar, or Control-click the toolbar and choose

Customize Toolbar.


Make changes to the toolbar as desired.

To add an item to the toolbar, drag its icon to the toolbar at the top.
To remove an item from the toolbar, drag it out of the toolbar.
To restore the default set of toolbar buttons, drag the default set to the toolbar.
To make the toolbar icons larger, deselect Use Small Size.
To display only icons or only text, choose an option from the Show pop-up menu.
To rearrange items in the toolbar, drag them.


When you’ve finished, click Done.

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Here are some shortcuts for customizing the toolbar without choosing
View > Customize Toolbar:

To remove an item, press the Command key while you drag the item out of the


toolbar, or press the Control key as you click the item and then choose Remove Item
from the shortcut menu.
To move an item, press the Command key while you drag the item.


To see a description of what a toolbar button does, hold the pointer over it.